Admission Requirements

To better serve you, an assessment of the potential resident’s medical and social needs must be completed by our Admissions Team prior to admission into Harbourview Care Center.  Please arrange access to medical records by signing a Release of Information Form with the physician and/or current hospital or place of residence.

In addition, the following is required prior to admission:

  • Medicare/Medicaid and/or private insurance cards must be available for copying and verification.
  • Name, address and contact numbers of responsible party and one other person.
  • Choice of doctors (medical, dentist, podiatrist, etc.)
  • Selection of Pharmacy
  • Prepay 30 days in advance for private pay and Medicaid pending.
  • Provide copies of DNR/Living Will, Power of Attorney or Guardianship (if applicable)
  • A few of our accepted insurance plans include:
    Medicare, Medicaid, KelseyCare Advantage, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas, Aetna, Bravo, Workers Compensation.
    (If your plan is not on our list, please contact our admissions office to verify benefits.)

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