The Team Approach

At Harbourview Care Center, we offer a rehabilitation program that coordinates care with all members of the healthcare team. Family members, community resources and most importantly, the residents are included to assure maximum outcomes.

Delicious meals, planned by a dietician, are served in gracious surroundings.

Enjoy dining with us in our main dining room, or invite family and friends in for that special event or just to get together. Set the date, and let us do the rest.

Our Medical Director and your private physician work together to make sure the team coordinates the best care available.

Our continuous quality improvement programs ensure that special needs are met quickly, efficiently, and with great expertise.

Rehabilitation services are the hallmark of Harbourview Care Center. We offer the following services to speed your recovery:

  • Laser Therapy
  • Physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapies.
  • Skin management and intravenous administration.
  • Medical Director and consulting physician specialists.
  • Pre-discharge planning and home teaching.
  • Case management
  • Nutritional services supervised by a registered dietician.
  • Admissions seven days per week, 24 hours per day.

Whether it’s conversation, music, cards, reading, or community outings, there is something for everyone at Harbourview Care Center.

Harbourview Care Center is certified for Medicare, Medicaid, as well as by Federal, State and local health departments.

We at Harbourview Care Center pride ourselves in having a commitment to excellence in everything that we do.

Visit our center today, and let us show you what we do best.

No matter where we live, or how old we are, we should be able to enjoy the warm companionship of a dog, the satisfaction that comes from nurturing a seedling and the excitement of a child’s laughter.

By adding plants, animals and children, Harbourview Care Center provides a diverse environment where elders live in a more home-like environment. Residents interact with the children by reading to them and watching them play. Residents take part in caring for the animals and plants, including keeping pets and plants in their own rooms if they wish. All of this gives them a sense of purpose that is often lacking in a typical facility setting. The spontaneous nature of children and animals breaks up the staid routine of traditional nursing communities, making Harbourview vibrant and lively. Residents say they now have a reason to get out of bed and out of their rooms in the morning.

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